Published poems by Sihle Ntuli from his book Stranger

Stranger by Sihle Ntuli | PEN South Africa
Stranger by TheHouseOfKehinde - issuu

*please note all poems previously published in my chapbook Stranger

Bio: Sihle Ntuli is a South African poet and classicist living in Durban. He holds a Master of Arts degree in Classical Civilisations and has previously lectured at the University of the Free State, where he was awarded the 2019 CTL Innovation Award for Curriculum Design and Delivery.

His poetry was shortlisted for the DALRO Poetry Prize in 2017. He most recently became the author of the poetry chapbook, Rumblin in 2020. He has had work published in South Africa and across the African continent on notable journals such as Lolwe, Down River Road & The Johannesburg Review of Books.

The Walls

the everyday
should not seep
through the walls

it is behind these walls
that the truth undress
then lies

Hold Tight

Inspired by the Slum Village song of the same name

on the inside of bones
a cold chill up the spine
through the arm
onto the nerves
on the edge of your palm
hold it strong

feel it shatter

hold tight
bone tires
in the space between
your liberation

a place to go
you resolve to leave the room
before your bad self finds you

Poem Dropped Then Duct Taped

heart held duct taped
of brain the matter
matter does not let go
in between shards of glass

heavy heart
indifference considering
strain is of the ——-
on by the shatter
threads, string and shatterproof

i’m yours some days
i turn behind my shoulder
x’s and paranoid calendar
scars on the days
without saying
my veins love you

through vein you’re so vain
you suffocate me
voice of me and for the life of me

i did not hear your voice for several days

voice out side in turned
the line hears you
hold me by my neck
close in pain
silence in your eyelids

Life In the Sun

my life in the sun 
everybody loves the sunshine

rain will not change the complexion
rain will not darken skin 

rain come down
rain wash away 
the strain of days

Rush Of Blood

face through cloud 
face meets rain 
before the rain
kissed water as the rain

meets the eyes 
like oedipus rex
blind to the seer

a god complex 
synagogues   mosques 
churches and monasteries 

in these states of mind 
as the world turns 

dream sequence
the sound of tap water 
tortured minds and to wake

buried alive 
under eyes wide open 
my claustrophobia 

a rush of blood to the skull;
circling skull 
Starting over


       the pressure points 
       the way pain could have been pleasure
       the volume turned up  
       the song you once loved

       crease on your gentle face
       straining of eyeballs 
       heavy breathing 
       resting on the bone 
       the shoulders strained by fingers
       the bass fracturing chest 



Also from Sihle Ntuli

By davidlonan1

David writes poetry, short stories, and writings that'll make you think or laugh, provoking you to examine images in your mind. To submit poetry, photography, art, please send to Twitter: @davidLOnan1 + @feversof Facebook: DavidLONan1

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