More Micro Poems by David L O’Nan

The Mortality Door

Oh, my mind, the rust
A criminally negligent flippant mind,
Wax like skin, the blades, winds, the cuts
Loose whips of tears inside, the mortality door, shuts
Play righteous games, some devil
No mind, not even I will I trust I.

A New Balloon

I was lifted up
as your new balloon
Pop me and let me relax
Don't hold me too close to the chest
I might separate myself and escape to seclusion
Then you'll wonder
Where I went,
and where all the happiness went
You have the bags of new balloons ready to inflate.

Bad Body Image

I sit here on this seat
only in underwear
Feeling fat like a sumo wrestler
Pale as the crooked moon
I feel like I digest all the wretched leaves stuck in the muddy yard
My knees pop like a bottle rocket
My feet aching like blackmagic
My face is oily with whiskers, 
the itching of tiny blades.
My hair as annoying as always
My apartment crawls with heat and boredom
As lonely as the desert sands.

Whiskey Bottles

Let's keep a dirty secret in our pocket
Shun those who've shown care
Sleep with the whiskey bottles
Tear away all your beautiful hair
Let us try to live a perfect life with blind eyes
Hold in the emotions
Pretending not to cry
Throw those whiskey bottles at brick walls
As monsters begin to crawl near your feet.

Norfolk & Misery

Feeling a eulogy
Norfolk, Mid-December
Poor and in agony
As they thought of Christmas creeping
I believe they called it a misery
The depressive feel of the amaranth
A wound of thoughts

Remember all those lights, laughter
Sabotaged by the snow
Hungry for the Spring
By the Chesapeake Bay?

When We Were Children and Mom Liked Men with Mustaches

We were living in a blue van
We had been asleep on some green & peach colored towels
Stained sun tea carpeting
A cup of old melted cheese tips over and got on my Jordache jeans
Stuck in Middle-Ass Indiana
Mom was French Lick Kissing a Larry Bird wannabe -
in the front seat
As we listened to a cassette of the California Raisins singing the -Beach Boys
And giggling as we ate sugar candy
And colored in our Andre the Giant coloring books.

The Bite

It was the scent that first intrigued
Howls across the dark woods soon followed
A lame sheep we all have become
When the wolves are tip-toeing in for the kill
There isn't any need to be the beast, 
when we are that easy
So, just hide behind the stump
Watch as teeth become us in the bite.

Shatter Cries

They were willed to fight
The stained walls
Phantom fingerprints
70 year old teardrops
Have become tiny dry souls
That are now lost in the sight
The reminiscence of all the shatter cries
And the maniacal laughter, infinite
In a clear, we bathe in the light of the Milky Way.

Majestic Ruins

There are apple temptations
From tree to tree
A battle cry from a bible scene
And you start to slither in your seat
Whispering confessions of malice
To a new age priest, a hangover cupid
Your dream is love
And he dreams silent
Until a pin drops
Majestic ruins

Sunset Bells

Be the ringing bell
Pendulums striking sepia tin cans
Rattling my eardrums
Our opulent possessions
Scatter across this Earthquake
Plunging into dusty sunsets
Covers the innocence of our new moon
and births out dirty sonnets
Bells ringing
My voice will be singing
While scared and shivering
A lifeless lonely note swaying.
in soldier wind.


The madman whispers
A cruel dream emerges
His abominable ceremony
Just a lost intervention of dying minds
Of nuclear soul projections
He has created his own slime
His words, the brainwashing
Evaporating our solidity, 
over time

Dollhouses and Wildfires

Another weekend in your haunted dollhouse
Where jealousy is the most painful ghost
And jewels crack scattered spotlights across the room
Mirrors hide your coffins
Your drunk eyed depression
A one room escape for all your wildfires.


I reflect upon our ninth year of love on this eventide
I purge the tense moments away
I vision you in my head
How you saved me from the alone heart
Before I met you
How you became my wife, the beautiful bride
We cradle, hold, laugh with our children, together.

The Apparition

I swam in your arms, hoping your hug was eternal
I'm leaping in
Your brooks seem refreshing,
but fire bounces in your eyeballs
The apparition,
I am lifeless looking up at the hope of the bridges
I'm a miniscule invisible dot, 
no one knows of me.

Paper Wing Angels

Oh, my lord
What can I do with these paper wings?
Angels vaporizing in front of me
My eyes blind to the burning clouds
Dark orange skyline
Cannot move
Weaved into the sins
I am inside an old painting
The artist that drank away breath
When the muscles failed to soar.

Another Day

In the throat of another day
Travels into the ether
I'm awoke and breathing
Alone as I
All the other pelicans have escaped
To another sea, 
another day
Deep into my aura
Only reality when asleep
When all other scarecrow minds
Are pregnant with opium haze,
another day.


We watched her descent into a spectacle
The bratty pouts and kicks against the waters of a coastal lagoon
She believed we are a blemish
Inhibiting her Aphrodite ideal
What an allusion she became
Some act of Adonia
Like a valiant triumph
We saw the impact
As the saline filters to water.

Into the Desert

A 1 a.m. journey
Into the desert
Coyotes gathering
Pushing and clawing away at my protective spirits
The night is an endless black hole of anxiety,
of deep fear
And you really never left your bedroom, your jar
A haunting of eyes, laughs
My medicine is light.

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By davidlonan1

David writes poetry, short stories, and writings that'll make you think or laugh, provoking you to examine images in your mind. To submit poetry, photography, art, please send to Twitter: @davidLOnan1 + @feversof Facebook: DavidLONan1

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