Short Poems by David L O’Nan

As Radar

Through the cold night
Lit up by only the light of snow
We can hear wolves howl
Heartbeats pounding as radar
We whispered to each other our last secrets
That depression was born in trails of lost acorns
Micro thoughts that you wanted to evolve into completion
A formidable life.

Goliath's Palms

Watch as the wind invents a new scream
Alarms pulsating you to twitches
Your body defeated you
Your angels deserted you
Your puddles of disgust that leaks off the roof
Staining the beautiful murdered flowers under your shoes
Your night walks vanish in Goliath's palms

War of Rivers

Could you watch the pain flow through the river?
More like concrete
than to that which is friendships through existence
One painted boat far from eye's view
Feels the infection,
the disease crunches our bones to powder
Our blood made fire freeze,
the wild of its mind.


Traveling through the towns to cities
I kept a memento of all your last thoughts
All I see is your sickness
And I feel it in myself
Limping from train to train with the bronchitis trapped air
I breathed and fall to a soiled floor
The tracks are bumpy
And I lay to vanish with you
Our ghosts become whistles

Training Phantoms

Laying down in my dying sheets
Amongst a crowd of maggots and fleas
I dream of her and I on our wedding day
In my comatose dreams
You take my blood, you slow my heart
Tell me to breathe
How do I start?
Is this how you train your ghosts?

At the Deerhead Tavern

2005 on a socially anxious night
A promise to talk about your fallen
I wait in smoke
The Deerhead Tavern in Indiana
A band plays the alternative hits of the 90's
 a call
You're dancing in the flowers of mania
This night you plagiarized beauty
I drove away in thought,
and thus began the severance of friendship.
You began to birth myths on every cloud you jumped from.


Formerly a clown fettered to a balloon
Now a casket mime holding a finger to the mouth
A hush over the deserted town
When all exploded and went away in a city of joy
Laughter buried under the rubble
And a balloon floats to a flaming sky.

In the Distance

In waves that clash together in a staccato masterpiece
We rummaged the ocean
Searching for all her secrets
She left us old bottles full of folk songs
And the city's skyline tattooed its image as
-reflections in the waters.
Can you see the shark's eyes in the distance?

A Promise

A dark night cry by the slime of the pond
The moon ripping through the ripples
Where a promise was made through the furtive lines -
of our hands.
Are we just demure, a staring into the waters
Are we deception?
An opulence of scars
The water eventually dries when the heat drinks.

Your Bible

A twist of brilliance
A dulcet drip from a sink
Listen to the silence
Surrounds suffocation
Claustrophobia, the nemesis
A comely whisper flows by your ears
You whip open your bible
Your urgency
Pray that God is with you
While you see smoke & mirrors in lassitude reflection.


Walk hand in hand with your psychopath
Do you have the control?
The whip-smart ideas
Are they the miracle weaver?
Shape shifters of your mind
Apocalyptic sentience
No, a man, just a man
Stuck in his own masochism
You, as a human overcomes
Show them they are only raw
Not an idol.

Nashville 2004

Right before Nashville 2004
Understanding the hugs were regrets
Like a kiss from a moving dance
At the Wilco concert
Without a flame anymore
They play Spiders (Kidsmoke)
And my body becomes
Suicide in the arms,
Guitars electrically dissolving nerve endings perfectly.

A Portal

Can you sketch me a portal to escape to
I'm feeling blended in with the rest of the clouds
All trying to stand out
A loose cannon to dare the formation of a destroyer
When all I want is to be calm, a breeze
Through the shelter
My site blind to all the conflagration.

Those Eggs

A conveyer
At a diner
Jelly donut, plate of eggs
Gassy coffee
Sees himself doing this day in, day out
Like clockwork
As whiskers leave his head
As waitresses marry on to Real Estate Cowboys in clean boots
Cigarette grime stuck on his own
His spirit smells like those eggs.
Fading time.


I've been checking my pockets
Hoping to find a different answer
Rather than another crumbled up gas receipt and jean lint
I need reassurance that everything will be alright
Can I please receive some direct communication?
All these puzzles seem to get in the way.

Weather in 3 Days

A stormy day in Southern Indiana, 
Sirens deafening the trees to a blur
They shadow themselves from the curse.

The ground darkens, decaying the ground from 
the cripples of rain
Trees are tortured by the weathering of a storm
Breathing out desolation from a loving sky,
Jaded by all the months of arctic regurgitations.

The wind is howling a last spit of winter from a hospital view
From a blackened rainbow
Spring shall emerge
From the cool flooding waters soon.

Wolfpack Contributor EIC Bios:  David L O’Nan & HilLesha O’Nan

By davidlonan1

David writes poetry, short stories, and writings that'll make you think or laugh, provoking you to examine images in your mind. To submit poetry, photography, art, please send to Twitter: @davidLOnan1 + @feversof Facebook: DavidLONan1

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