Mini Poems by David L O’Nan

Drought for a Cacti

Crossing sticks as they crackle under my feet
That bridge seems like far away cacti in a desert,
drought of water
Keep reaching,
The blades are only temporary,
as they live inside the chambers.
Water the plant of love
Keep reminding yourself that you matter
even when broken

A Dictator's House

They burned down the houses
That dictators preside in
A January mourning,
flags fell back to the mud
That was stolen when our moonlight
was only an infant
As the bombs of freedom tried
to destroy our natural tide.
We live in shards of glass,
in the mirror of smiles.

Fever 11: Red Fear

I sit here in a red fear
Blood is my enemy
Blood is my hero
The fear is the symphony that plays the rattling of bones
The fear is the dragon breathing the fires -
through the collapsing of my brain.

Home & the Heart

I feel the bruises of those
who hurt the heart for pleasure
I feel the healing when the beauty of family
erases my self-doubts
Which, with my anxiety is often -
and to me annoying.
So, who knows why I constantly feel like overcoming
when love is the home and the heart.


The head is dizzy
And so are the flowers
Any melting mind is stuck
in the lips of the sunlight's rays
I am incomplete until death
Robotic like the mechanical planet -
that we've been served until then.
Purgatory in swirling cartoon hearts & beestings.

Love in Mildew

My love lain in pagan piles of mildewed clothing
Bitten by the venom of a narcotic seclusion
Soon we become aware
that moths don't scream the same as
the beauty that butterflies mirror.
She, as shoes and asbestos hair,
unnatural grin
Cannot mimic Mary
although she does birth miracles.

Bar Stool Kites

After hours of drinking
and talking to Natalie
Asking her about her boyfriend's inadequacies
He trips over the bar stools,
a rush of berserk enters his blood.
"I could be a kite in flight
A virus putting tiny holes in Goliath's trees.
My grey eyed clouds melting liquid hot breath,
in misty death
in my heart trapped chest
Burn away now magnified Davids
Little ant infestations
Will the trunk fall to the lakes?
A lake of dead horses
Frozen stables tilted by the Power of Storm"
That was his last drink of the night, we all know.
Natalie was long gone.
Empty bar stools except one.

Earthquakes on the Last Day

Beginning our first new morning on the day after the old sun died,
We formed ulcers into the ground
Around all -
the crusts and bumps
The earth shook
and we tried to run like toes weaved into molasses.
Holy Ghost Street Lamps
begin to bend
Into the arms of craters.

The Crowd

They destroyed all in front of me
A cagey crowd demeans me
I try to escape my mind
Pull back under the tow of tears
I begin to fleet through circling waves
Hitting each wall
over and over again
Pushed back through the walls of tears
they are
'Til only i'm bones.

Left to Ruin

I was just a messenger in a lifeless cantankerous ocean
Laying lonely in a bottle
Addressed to no one in particular
Then you found me
Pretending I was always yours
I became your prized shelf decor
Sealed with a kiss
and left to ruin
In rust.

Aurora Light

Touching hands
We watch as the aurora light burned luminescence
Eliminating an eclipse
Brimming together
We squat under the peeled skyline
And take in each other's exhalation.
Laughing as dust swirls like magic
Around our animated figures
We magnetize as powder.

Rebirth of Ecstasy

I was a frozen limbed
Broken hearted,
Blind rage in a reflection of a broken star
It has no ecstasy
The sky surrounded in fog
Nothing more than laughter in the life of the trees.
We hold hands to jump into the arms of salvation
Permanence in clouds
Ecstasy rebirth.

Searing Laughter

While a violent star spun wild into your tacit heart
You cradled together your cold defective ossein bones
Asleep was the city to your silent, demure cry for help
Film oxidizing skylines
Potions drunk by the dark
Felicity erased
Searing laughter heard in the echoes.

Old Hollywood

With grace and pulchritude
A fame overcame old demons
Only to introduce her to new ones
Her grace is only a Hollywood facade
Her pulchritude was created to mask
A poverty drain that dreamt visions of stars
Bogart, Elizabeth Taylor, Gene Kelly dancing
Cigarettes, pregnancy, early divorce, mentality ruptured.

Begins Autumn

We want to bury fears into mental fires
To eradicate the seed of,
feeling incompetent
Diving into the emptiness
Burn away,
Little ashes collecting weariness in return
Let me be the chimes,
Live peacefully in psithurism 
As the Autumnal leaves bring hope.

As Everything

Just as everything, as humans
Born into a path, a clarity, a shine
We become oil crusts inside, a used car, as time peels
We sour into secrecy, awaiting judgment
To be destroyed or salvaged, as everything.

Gossip Pillows

I built these nefarious clouds to be gossip-driven
Chatter pillows
Some are quiet,
to only report notes
Some are loud and abrasive,
And often clash with each other over differing opinions
Fickle clouds.


I used to talk to psychics hiding in their webs
I used to fall for foolery,
drug store jewelry
False promises,
women who found laughter in flaws.
Tricks by the summons,
False prophets who promised kindness
Not any rights,
Let you dream of what is to be.
Only to bring the cutting rain.

Claustrophobia at the Concert

I feel swallowed up
And all masses are in laughter
Unaware that you are clustered nerves
Picking insults to your brain
All are not angels in rooms full of leeches
Drink away
Enjoy the show
I can only shine when we finally applaud.

 Wolfpack Contributor EIC Bios:  David L O’Nan & HilLesha O’Nan

By davidlonan1

David writes poetry, short stories, and writings that'll make you think or laugh, provoking you to examine images in your mind. To submit poetry, photography, art, please send to Twitter: @davidLOnan1 + @feversof Facebook: DavidLONan1


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