Poem by Theresa Haffner: Reality Doctor

multicolored abstract painting
(c) Pawel Czerwinski (unsplash)
Reality Doctor

Sometimes the truth is hard to find.   It can be
like a continent that you are already standing
on so it is everywhere.

Or conversely, it can  be like Antarctica. A place
you can point to on  a map but  have no personal
experience of to either prove or disprove its existence.

For many people the truth must remain forever 
hidden, and unknown,  so suppressed and repressed 
they don’t even know that it is missing.

Fortunately there are clues, hints, traces.  
Vestiges, methods, processes,.
some suggested by Allen Ginsberg, William
Burroughs, and others, brave pioneers in the
exploration of human consciousness, for whom
the pursuit of truth became a lifelong 

Free association. stream of consciousness,
random interaction,  chance and probability,
double entendre, meaningful coincidence
(synchronicity), ambiguity, mistaken identity

Reverie, certain  types of meditation,
sense deprivation, dream interpretation
Letters to yourself..

Burroughs and Ginsberg also used drugs.
Let me stress this is absolutely not necessary.
The dangers of shooting heroin would
probably far  outweigh any benefits to be
gained from it.  However, where it is legal,
modest use of cannabis may be permissible.

Some things are psychic energizers.  Certain
geometric diagrams, names of ancient gods
and goddesses.  Astrological and alchemical symbolism

Automatic writing
Tarot cards.
Abstract painting.
Modern jazz music.
Threads of meaning.
Twist them into a filament.
Braid them into a cord,
A rope, a lifeline,
A means of inquiry
Into the unknown truth.

Allen Ginsberg, in an article for Writers Digest,
‘what way i write’, says he never thinks about
what he is going to write beforehand.   Instead
he lets his mind go blank, then picks up a pencil
and lets his hand scrawl a couple words on its own.
Then before he realizes it he is writing about what
he was supposed to be writing about all along.
He also says, having written a page, he tears it into
four parts, rearranges them, tapes them back together,
Then reads the ‘new’ document to see what he was
really writing about.

look into a glass of water
An empty mirror
Listen to the silence of an empty room.
Look into the shadows
Interpret the meaning
of  the whisper of the wind.
The water pipes
The furnace vents,
Electric motors,
The washer, the dryer.
The oscillating of
A circulation fan.

Only when you defeat
The phenomenal
Can you engage
The subconscious.

Enjoy the moment.
It can be your first
Intimation of the truth
You have been looking for.
A realization of the
Continent you are standing on.

It will not be perfect
	but it’s a start.
If repeated it can become
	the keys and pathways
of the soul.
A means to climb out of the box
	that has imprisoned you
That has been suffocating you

When you take a breath you will
Become like a fish in water
And breathing will be like
	an intoxication.
For instead of nothingness
	there  will be the
meaning of life in the universe.

Never again will you be forced
to look at an ink blot
and see only spilled ink

Therefore take a prescription
	from this Reality Doctor
To engage the subconscious.

Two hours a day appreciation of
	Abstract Expressionist painting
	Particularly Jackson Pollock,
	Willem De Kooning, Clyfford Still.
Two hours a day
	Modern jazz music, particularly
	Miles Davis, John Coltrane,
	Thelonious Monk.
One hour a day
	Dream interpretation.

In two weeks double the dose
	and thereafter readminister as needed
	to make sure the subconscious
	is functioning normally.

You may want to supplement with Aleister Crowley,
Arthur Rimbaud, the cut-up trilogy of William Burroughs
 (The Soft Machine, Nova Express, TheTicket That Exploded)
I Ching, Kabbalah, Lao Tze, mandala, mantra, tantra, yantra
All of these things should be practiced periodically
 as an antidote for whatever fears and insecurities caused you to
devalue and repress the subconscious in the first place.
The subconscious is a naturally occurring part of the human consciousness.  In  this highly mechanized, digital environment,
without the irrational, the merely rational can be a very lonely 
place to exist.

Theresa Haffner:
Now in her seventh decade, Theresa Haffner was raised in Michigan but moved to California at age twenty one, first to San Francisco, then to Los Angeles to pursue a career in professional music. She is transgender, male to female, having made the transition in 1972. She began writing while still a teenager. She has been a force in L.A. poetry since the early 1980's when she gave a reading of her concrete poetry at the Water Gallery in Hollywood. Also known as an editor/publisher, she edited THREADBARE LITERARY JOURNAL, In collaboration with Albert Crane. AFTERSHOCK MAGAZINE with David Behrens (Bill Bored), and was regional editor for THE NEW PRESS, a literary journal published in Flushing, New York and distributed nationally.

To her credit, she has one novel, MACARTHUR PARK CHRONICLES, (denotes available through Literary Download Center) several books of poetry including ACHERON AND OTHER POEMS, DIFFERENT DRUM, THE LAST POETRY BOOK, THE CASE FOR WISDOM AT 5:00 A.M., SURFACE OF THE LAND, a novella BLACK STAR a coffee table book, ABSTRACT EXPRESSIONISM (THE NEW YORK SCHOOL) (In preparation), and various other paper booklets and pamphlets.

As part of her effort to stimulate interest in original literature at the community level, she periodically makes available POETRY SAMPLERS selected from her copious archives of unpublished poetry. Several are available.

Her poetry is archived at www.poemhunter.com

For many years she worked as a professional musician, playing with an impressive array of famous and infamous people. Her music can be heard on Youtube at the Theresa Haffner Channel.

(*Literary Download Center c/o theresahaffner05@gmail.com)

By davidlonan1

David writes poetry, short stories, and writings that'll make you think or laugh, provoking you to examine images in your mind. To submit poetry, photography, art, please send to feversofthemind@gmail.com. Twitter: @davidLOnan1 + @feversof Facebook: DavidLONan1

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