3 poems by C.C. Tundra : Silk Petals, Aggression is Not my Name & Rising From Beneath

Satin, Silk, Petal, Flower, Delicate
Silk Petals 

Shining, a ray of moon,										Soft, milk white -
The texture must be soft,									
Silky -

As feminine as the light;										Aglow, dark takes no hold;									

Her stars keep the world alive -

I look up, the essence I see,										I think of a stream,										
That rolls softly along,									
Caressing the mind -

I think of a fragrance,									
A sweetness, like lavender,									
Her essence seeps into my pores -

The moon,												A sheet of white silk;										
Petals spread above,	
Essence sprung up,
From the bud of tenderness,										She has given the world a light,
Not too radiant, smooth -									
An eye is glossed over -

Light seeps into pupil,											Into socket,											
Given a new home,										
Just the right sort of light -

They call her 'feminine'										Just her?											Fragrance, petals,										
Silk, Love -

These things,												These precious pearls,									
Cannot be separated,										
from my heart -

I want to be like her;										
The petal of a flower,									
The silk light in the night,								
The Love -

I don't want to mold,										
To solidify into broken,									
To crack myself open,									
And leave a hole -

So I remain Whole,							
I promise now to be whole,								
Like a moon, a sky of petals,									
To be me -

I know who I must be.											Who I want to be,										
Now I must lean toward her,									
Toward the World -

And if I fade,												I let the petals of my body,									
Blow to the wind;

But my light, although soft,										Remains -

I will always be a light in the dark,									I know now.

Aggression is Not My Name

My rage,												Doesn't speak in hand -

The twine of tsunami,											weaves through my gut,									
makes its way up my throat -

Though mind, 											
the only confine, for -										
voice, there's a lot more -

To restrict hands,											Physical action is a chemical,									
Of mind, that cannot exist -

Not in me;												Aggression is not my name,									
I do not own the physical realm -

But am built on mentality,										Words are my home;										
Mind is more -

Than enough,												It's what I build my life,									
my name, and memory on -

I swear, hereby,											To earth, To life,										
To the mother of the universe -
To my Life,												To me -

Physical is not for me,										
Mind is enough -

I am not, nor will I ever be,										

Aggression -

Rising from Beneath

The leaves sweep,		                                                                                                                                                           
The damp across sky,										Blowing in the shaky breeze,				                                                                             
As the rain drums, and thumps,

To think, that those most holy,									In the sky, would,										
Send down a wave of,										
Their precious tears,

To fill the earth,											
With all that is above,										
And swell our shoes,										
With divine sadness!

Make the earth,											
Soft as our sorry souls,										
So when I step, I sink,										
Feet earth-crusted,

Then let me sink!											An underworld,										
Is preferable to this dreary,									cold-stone world

But no -												
There is a reason,										
If those most holy shed tears,									
Only they can know -

To not know,												Yet to know its there,										
That it is a fleeting thing,									
And know no more

It's only comes once,											The present only comes once,									
The past is faded in the backdrop,								
And we will never know again

The moment,												Only knows the current season,								
Yet, prepares for the next,									
In its own time,

It only comes once,											Tree of life sunk deep,										
Into our roots,											
So life can rise -

Rise! Soar,											   Look, there,                                                                                                                                                                                       It's the sun, to get there,	                                                                                                                                                                      You must know what it's like below.

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