Slightly themed poems by David L O’Nan : “Walking, Staring, Creeping (Foggy Morning Eyes)etc.

Walking, Staring, Creeping (Foggy Morning Eyes)

Hello, to the masks playing the beautiful music
Those aching shadows,
once beautiful themselves.
You watch me with your early morning eyes
This morning however,
I woke up believing -
because I knew I dreamt you a new disease.
All the while,
creeping like a jigsaw across my bones -
you walked through my soul and infected me.
I climbed out of the coils in the sunrays
Went outside, gentle
Smiled and ageless
boxing through flowers,
punching the sunshine silly.
I accidentally walked into my grave,
and stared at unsettled memories.
Your staring eyes doesn't affect my ego.
I've never cared to feel pretty you see.
When I've seen myself bleeding,
looking broken,
your staring eyes seem to be -
cutting through my mind's inner sheath.
Those memories,
bastardized by our hearts -
meant only cloudy kisses,
hugged inside of a jar.
Love touching the filthy,
cuts across the halos above our heads.
We've shared ideas of grandeur
We've joked about evolving 
into the new age of echoes,
that dictated blasphemy
and recognized that only as a footnote -
in the realm of our being...
Was the moment we began to see.
We've allowed the crushing of statues,
the disembowelment of artwork
We've allowed the melting of a heaven
We've allowed each other to suffer,
We loved each other later 
We clipped our wings and drowned in our culture.
I've prayed to them -
not to hand the grenades over -
to the wicked uncivilized
They would stomp out the fires,
and then throw the power back -
to your sleepless eyes
of course, those eyes, were
of course, they are not, anymore
In which every feeling dies
Those eyes sometimes -
early morning dull,
sometimes full of fog
coercion of breathing,
Clouds inside our imaginary world.

The Shouts of Wind

Hands on mouth
Shout little wind...shout!
Can we follow the lights in the ghettos?
Can we trade the beauty for love?
So, he's a star you shine for...not much of a star.
Just ego.
With diluted smiles, crooked words
Untamed lips.

Why can't stars realize they are just light.
They are not special...only light
With eyes on eyes,
Evaporate little scarecrow tears,
Stagnant bored tear,
Can we linger dead when life's poisons are in our veins?
So, this is what it is...
crippling tree and all?
The winds shouting

The stars have all fallen over all our homes and now all is lonely
without special light.


How can you feel claustrophobic and empty at the same time?
Why is sex more important than caring?
Every time there is a meaningful feeling,
Those stars in the sky are erased and now it is spotless.
Just pure dark,
With a dim moon sitting inside the sky's womb, still hiding.
What is natural?
God? A devil?
Hate or love?
Are there any natural friendships, or just disconnected pedestrians?
Or maybe momentary leeches.
The shy girl, the loud girl?
The energy
The buzz...the quiet
The breath of cool mint whispers
Are they real?
Another minute of limited time wasted.
How can you protect what is weak?
When you are scared to be protected yourself
How can you make someone smile again?
Trust again?

Drums Tapping, Guns Shouting

The drums pound
In a motor breath jungle
A cigarette burns in a mouth of a wounded moment.
There is a touch from a velvet finger
Blue eyes staring,
Caressing my ego.
Sensory slime
Rain boils up in the clouds
And a spirit wipes the sky clear.
Without beauty for a moment, erased for a moment
The blood begins to tangle like vines in my head
I'm the clear jewel
The pure soldier
I've fought these nightmares with guns
I've cleansed the wounds of the evil
I've torn apart the wonder of joy
And dreamt up a splendid cowardice
While holding shells and making bombs
The security in these tourniquet castles
This used to be enough for the fulfillment
Kept the blood thick and bonded like leather.
Now I look eye to eye with napalm ninjas
The missile irises launch defeat into the heart
Oozing negligence
Light trips in, leaving me drunkenly
Thoughts race by in a haste
The light can't keep up with the speed of thought
Haze in my sockets
Did all peace burn through my pockets?
Panoramic bloodshed
In the explosions when freedom sank in the mud.

About 2 Souls

Attaching 2 souls together with thread
Pulling our hearts together
Let's cry as one
The beautiful and the damned
A curse or a cross

Mind puppets want to applaud
But they continue to crush
Their hands are too slimy
Stuck together in a unison prayer

You, beautiful and natural are the secret to my sanity
I drink purity from your soul,
And I can feel like a human again
A loving, warm human

To touch your eyelids, and kiss your forehead
The skin so soft,
As smooth as the silk
Sends goosebumps through me, to me
Eternally you are now with me.

Your Soul is my present
I will hold your love in my heart and not fail
For once
I will not fail
Your soul will not let me fail.


In a short time
I've discovered lips like venom
Never a remedy
My mentality is a shudder
Kept quiet and living in whispers
As you walk by in boots
That pounds the floor like thundering
Peeling glass from the windows
And dragging a heart to the holes in the sky.

Dressed In

I am not a dream
I am your soul dressed in skin
Let me tear through the
Fabric of this realm
I will discover
You are the dreamer
And i'm only fog in your mind.

Your Eyes

I feel the ripping of my clothing to the skin,
Through my skin
The savages, wolves
I ran through the crisp of leaves
And found salvation
In the heart, that is our sunlight
I have escaped the wild
Which was your eyes
In the haunts of all
Your eyes.

By davidlonan1

David writes poetry, short stories, and writings that'll make you think or laugh, provoking you to examine images in your mind. To submit poetry, photography, art, please send to Twitter: @davidLOnan1 + @feversof Facebook: DavidLONan1


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