3 poems by Theresa Haffner : word decyclotron, word underworld, Dwarka

Key, Old, Flower, Nostalgic, Vintage

word decyclotron

word stream channel B
word pile syllable dust
broken words here
words without meanings
meanings without words
disconnected definitions
prefixes here suffixes there

this pile reserved for
word fragment
word decyclotron word smasher
wrecking ball word smithereen
splinters shatters plasters
thrasher word basher
decimater word grinder
syllables here

mix blender new words
from old mix
noun verb adjective subject

predictive predicament
roastwood kiln phraseology
first sentences broken down to
phrases, phrases to single words
words ground into letters
letters disposed of
leaving only punctuation marks

and burroughs said so this is
becomes of old words after
used and abused them and
them and bruised them

and misused them and confused

yes, mr boroughs, they come
the ones that can be salvaged
are saved
cleaned up returned to

some can be rehabilitated some
can be
repaired some taken out of
and saved some to word

some cannot be saved or
and must be

yes, mr. burroughs, there are
those who say you made
an endangered species

you must be very proud

thank you i tried

but not to worry mr. burroughs
we can always replace
a steady stream of
new words never run out of
mr. burroughs

word underworld

tiresias what can we do with
with all these words

cast them into the styx

away with them. away.

just let them be
they may die down in a
few thousand years
people will stop listening
to them

they haven’t stopped
listening to you, tiresias

word underworld
word purgatory, sheol
in huge vaults shrouded
in shadows the words
are dormant now

waiting to be reused



dwarka harbor
dwarka, india

the tower rises
above sea level

the beam of light
cast above the waves
rotates above the sea
visible for miles

keeping ships safe from
shipwreck free from
crashing directing
trade and travel

below ground and
at the bottom of the sea
the words lie waiting
to be rediscovered
reawakened and reused

from the 4000 year old
temple complex the
archeological excavations
where krishna lived
with his wife the words
are waiting now to be
resurrected and reconstructed

in dwarka india the past
is being made ready
to live again

Theresa Haffner:
Now in her seventh decade, Theresa Haffner was raised in Michigan but moved to California at age twenty one, first to San Francisco, then to Los Angeles to pursue a career in professional music. She is transgender, male to female, having made the transition in 1972. She began writing while still a teenager. She has been a force in L.A. poetry since the early 1980’s when she gave a reading of her concrete poetry at the Water Gallery in Hollywood. Also known as an editor/publisher, she edited THREADBARE LITERARY JOURNAL, In collaboration with Albert Crane. AFTERSHOCK MAGAZINE with David Behrens (Bill Bored), and was regional editor for THE NEW PRESS, a literary journal published in Flushing, New York and distributed nationally.

To her credit, she has one novel, MACARTHUR PARK CHRONICLES, (denotes available through Literary Download Center) several books of poetry including ACHERON AND OTHER POEMS, DIFFERENT DRUM, THE LAST POETRY BOOK, THE CASE FOR WISDOM AT 5:00 A.M., SURFACE OF THE LAND, a novella BLACK STAR a coffee table book, ABSTRACT EXPRESSIONISM (THE NEW YORK SCHOOL) (In preparation), and various other paper booklets and pamphlets.

As part of her effort to stimulate interest in original literature at the community level, she periodically makes available POETRY SAMPLERS selected from her copious archives of unpublished poetry. Several are available.

Her poetry is archived at http://www.poemhunter.com

For many years she worked as a professional musician, playing with an impressive array of famous and infamous people. Her music can be heard on Youtube at the Theresa Haffner Channel.

(*Literary Download Center c/o theresahaffner05@gmail.com)

By davidlonan1

David writes poetry, short stories, and writings that'll make you think or laugh, provoking you to examine images in your mind. To submit poetry, photography, art, please send to feversofthemind@gmail.com. Twitter: @davidLOnan1 + @feversof Facebook: DavidLONan1

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