Several Micro Poems from David L O’Nan


We lived like stuck ants in a wine glass
In the red wine remnants
That was sifted impure
We lived like the homeless man,
Whose skin and jacket
Has become one with the epidermis
Who can believe our past truths, or fears?
We must be symphonia, forever
To a deaf vain psyche.

Predators and Monsters

Do you believe in monsters?
They speed past me every day
Then creep slowly by the staircases, or a window
This essay to be an urban folk legend
A paradigm of masking behaviors
Pockets with fading hands
Can we get away?
A freedom that makes predators out of choirboys.

TB Jailbirds

In white lines, broken coughs
It fills my chest with an extinct disease
in the distance I can hear harmonicas
From a desert
In a 1950's jail
Only the demons listen in
To the blues that die
Like the TB Jailbirds.

Through Faith

In the frame of heaven,
I became dust
Interceding with the sunlight of a narrow hallway
Dividing into millions of tiny poisons
A quotient of one malevolence
Why the hiding?
As the piling of sales papers and bills accumulate
Teases to aneurysms
Can I be more like Paul in Malta,
Impervious through faith?

Willowy Barn

That Winter weather smiles like
A goldfish in a swill water tank
Snow cresting inside the chambers
of an 1800's willowy barn
Breaking steadily into cracks
I bathe inside the warmth of ash
And I remember you,
When you were royalty in a laugh
And in a cry, we were united..then
This willowy barn will eventually
Fly away or burn to the ground
We have to be able to comfort each other then
Can we?

As Dolls

They opened the door to hatred hundreds of years ago
Every time we get that door to budge
Racist, sexist, bigotry, homophobic, narcissistic dictators
put more magnets to our metal minds
To fail us til we only become tunnels
Dark as night
As dolls we can only blink.

Value Menu

He left home faster than a manslaughter
A family,
Like the taxi drivers in the morning with an unknown name
A drunken father yells
Can no longer behest him,
To rolling cigarettes,
Neglecting your own appetite
Always eating from the value menu
He sold you to the power of his slurs
He reminds you he wished you were never born
As wheelchairs push against the broken tiles of a linoleum floor
Another broken bottle
Move away to the comfort of being a lunatic
And a farewell to the crowding hatred.

Jersey Cowboy Drunkard

In an immortal memory
You, a growing lily
Intercepted by the pushers
Whose medicines scream magic
Soon, they were the entrapment
And soon you were a wife
Married to an impulsive amphetamine
With devils dancing in whispering lullabies
Your Jersey cowboy drunkard
Un Viaje Sin Una Casa

Yesterday's Sky

Removed me from the healing of saints
Drowned a colony of us, like ants
Infernal flames
Remove me
I can't feel the power
You keep painting over my smile
My laughter lost in the fabric of miles
You are the manic artist
With an evil eye
Paint me back 
to yesterday's sky

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