Several Published Poems by David L O’Nan including: The Parody King’s Castle, The Methuselah Exiles, I Count Stars in Bed, etc.

A Failed Feather

A fail you
When I say I love you.
And I do say it
When you're standing alone.

I feel in this jail
When your heart is tired
You Are by yourself looking at vacancy
or maybe some Greek Pantheon
That my mind is stoned to.

For these hours
I want to communicate with you.
Through the language of flowers and kisses
because maybe I am just falling away
to my skin,
I can't take the Winter anymore.

All I have is this tiny moon in my pocket
This patch is grass, 
with two wine glasses
with loving owls hoot their declarations in nearby woods
Feigning their ignorance.

I fail you
When I hand you my soul
and all you can do is faint
To the anxieties of God's thunder

Speak to me
With your lips
Not of words
but filled with passions
And touch me when I feel that falling
The illness of shame
Reflections of your smooth cheek in the water,
And I fail.

After Death Looking back as My Spirit
Looking down at nuclear hands
I remember dying
I remember forming a thread of skin
and being sewn into a patch of heaven
however, I don't remember the voltage
don't remember the falling
The slamming of my face into the sidewalk
As the blue dream stepped onto my juice of a head.
Yes, I do remember now
The salty tears,
the first look of love
Remembered much later in the golden years
I remember the rocket launching from my skull,
reaching the stars and kissing each of the planets on their cold noses
I remember the lost days
When we held hands with nothing
And walked with the air,
Wherever that lead us
Often leading us to a hopscotch or a profane bus stop -
where you saw the rainbows popping up in hobo corners -
where the ghost of Jesus and Pretty Mary held the hands -
of the gentle breeze complete with dust and rosebuds falling
The whirlwind of confusion causing disarray amongst the romances 
and the trusted.

Is it Shell Decay?
I'm sliding backwards into the shells
I'm feeling like a child stuck in the crust of the burning Earth.
Save me back
Save me again
Safety is the shore
Safety is abort
Crying like a two-ton truck crushing me against the wall
You laugh
Stoned maggot looking at me on the wall
Cursing me
Looking at my skin and licking your poisoned lips
Pops every minute
Pops across the floor
Pops inside the springs of your mind
Lifting the sky like the shore
Safety is the shore
Safety is abhorred
Safety spins in many wrinkled turns
Twined up and ready to destroy
Left to decay, or mold, or break
Or skin like shells
Skin tough durable shells
But when gentle you make the mask
But when evil you throw the mask in the sand.
When loving you are the mask
Not real
Not trusting
I can't be trusting
when you and every other shell is that mask.

The Parody King's Castle

I'm a troubled man
I've got snakes in my head
Persecuted for living out of my bed
I've got nails in my hands
from the day that I got crucified
I can sleep with no worries
Now the day has come that I've passed
I look a lot better now
I look years younger now it seems
I feel a deep calm
I feel like I've unlocked the chains
I burned away the evil demons that were attached to my soul
I caught a burning thought and saved it for my own
Beware of my skin
I've grown very thin
I'm wasting away,
My bones are all that is left from my sins
You wonder where I went
You thought that I went away,
Never imagined
I could fall all the way down.
The path of hidden resentment to the world that took my crown.
I was living in a shallow tomb
The weight was too heavy to shake loose the closing casket.
So I just let it close, unpursued
The mind being sketched over
With images of the lies, the cheating
Connected the dots on my skull with a pen dipped in the filth,
The sorrows in the soil.
Memories being erased, questions I must ponder
Childhood electrocuted out of my cranium
I am only a child in my heart,
The heart is growing smaller,
And more porous from the holes that has been cut by the lies,
the cheating
The long fingernails emerging from air, vanishing
Then sinking into our internals.
Prayers to find my inner self
Prayers that were unanswered, my inner self decides to yell
I was yelling out of the sands of a lost September day
When I had unity, feeling free, no worries, no decay
Months passing, unity split, new fears
Fears of betrayal,
The ensuing betrayal with clarity of manipulation.
It wasn't me who took the first bite
You were hungry, hungry for new blood, new skin to run across your own,
The new man to make you scream,
To make you feel fine
Leaves you banging at the door and begging for more
Laughing down onto you, over your natural being
Eyes beaming for that certain glow
Are the tears real, are they mechanically grown?
Caught up in the rapture, 
the thrills of seeds being sewn
A cold, cold man now
Ears tingling through series of codes
Will I screw up this, will I screw up that?
I'm sure I'll pay a price
Standing at the gate, leery of gatekeepers
They are begging for one more slice.
Now here I am with frosty breath moving slow motion across my lips
Feeling so cold laying in this dirt.
I've got serpents and insects crawling through my new lair.
I bought this new kingdom for the price of a lost soul.
It was cheap considering the condition the body was left in.
Now fly away to the unknown, or to a Heaven?
Let the birds and angels bring your wings
So that you can carry on as someone who wouldn't dare to have known hate.
Try again, 
never trying any harder to never choke.
In reluctancy of caring after the thoughts are permanently blinded.
The relaxation is now for grief
Everyone can now leach onto the stinging release.
Time will go on, hell may not
Falling away, black hole
Wet muddy tumbling ground I fold
Leave me with a lullaby as a chaser, relief of doubts
A new day brings life to some of us, 
the lying, the cheating
To a crownless king it brings one last sleep.

The Methuselah Exiles

the Methuselah Exiles
Crumble, rumble, crumble they mumble static
Murdered the wrong man in the wrong land
His hand covered in crimson sand
Dumb, dumb exile
Did you ever believe in our God?
Sunday's wrongdoer
The monolithic recusant whore
You burned pages of the bible
in mass of mockery
Sordid moments of self-torture
how we do pity you
sour exile
Pour your tears for other tramps
Your years devoured my media vamps
Distress becoming liquid
Crucifixion of sadness
Diluted dreams
Corruption of your nightmares
Causing hysteric cynics,
lifeless religions
Clonus bodies scattering downtown chapels
Copulation of demigods and angel wings
How is the gorgeous heaven friend?
Are you breathing it in?
Got concussed by the 7 deadly sins?
Have you begun to kiss,
the hands for forgiveness?
Apologize to your brother, man
Oh, fever scented exile
Disconsolated freedom,
flirting with the new rapture
Dear you have been captured
Return to the oppressed love
Pretty eyes of the drugged dove.
The rigmarole nonsense of you mind, the toll
Sexual lust burning throughout your soul.
You are no longer young, old prince
The younger ladies are attracted
to the sumptuous scent
Time to learn to be the exile,
Live in exile
Remove the expectations of your paradise mile.

I Count Stars in Bed

A few minutes ago
I realized i'm no longer the suppressant
That my mind is free,
And I must think
Think of myself no longer as a surgery
The endless evolution of myself
Realize that I can be
that stagnant beautiful thought
Set the seas in motion,
While others are overweening,
they drown
And I must look
In the mirror
I see myself when I'm of old age
and no longer a ripe fruit.
Do I see a smile,
when I see death-lines on my face?
Will I still be able to spin with the breeze
on a blue beautiful day,
or will I just be a vacuum for all that is sullen?
Will I find peace
with the rest of the wheels?
My love,
Is she a snake or a diamond?
That elegant jewel of a smile
Or the hiss,
the tongue of fire and venom
The touch of a knife.
Will she have the velvet touch 
of kamikazes in chaos?
For now,
she is moist skin
Lips that pucker with secrets
Taste of a strawberry scream
She's looking at me,
I'm the free one
She's looking at me,
with the intensity of a star
A warm Summer night sky star
Staring at me with beauty
Sinking in each other's beauty and love
..but the slight feel that eventually we will fall
Fall into a dark secluded field somewhere,
as the sky becomes spotless
Mind energy keeps
a shining star for me to count
Each night that I lay down in Heaven's sleep
The future is only a new moon away.

Love Presented as a Mural for the Lonely

We were born loved
wires connecting,
disassembling over the years
Delicious kisses
sprouted out of dirty thoughts
Cold hands touching colder hands
Deeply planted,
roots showing love's dangerous tongue
Seeds peeled,
spread over a burning ground.
We were founded by love
Felt we could be set free
A flying thrill of gauzy freedom
Dreaming nebulous
as closed eyelids switch
- from one mind to another.
With hope of love,
the seed is peeled,
spread over a floral ground.
We were destroyed by love
Emptiness and insecurity,
the poverty of the heart
Swallowing the creation of poison
loathing our bodies into silence
Clustering habits into excursions
that lead us into temptations
Sadness collecting smiles,
the loving is sequestered into seclusion,
Seeds peeled
spread over a lonely hill -
overlooking a celebrated ground.
We unite by love
Grab my hand,
We can fall together
Land together
Both of us standing in the apocalyptic sunset
Feeling that floating unity
Solidifying the warmth with the promise of rain
Seeds cradled,
ready to energize peace into the angered ground.

Death Ballet

When you're approached
by the shadow man
And his death ballet
His coffins display in a figure 8
A murderous grin
In a pirouette of sin
You better find an arm to hold you away,
from his clutch
His narcotic stare
and his bones
That constantly pivot and twist
Trances in rapture.

Exection Race

A carving at my equilibrium
Spilling tea leaves that you cannot read
Mossy tears collapsing on diaries and coffee cups
Roses are just petals, not fully whole
The trigger mercy, succumbed to the
whirlwinds that flow through the halls of this rotunda
An old man is sitting in sticky toxic Absinthe fumes
His clothing is pungent
and his hairy quite messy
He forgot that miracles can quickly fade
His clear confident mind is now an optic severance
He dreams like ghosts,
fun house mirror faces.
Caught up too early in life with the local sharks -
that chewed on his strings for money, gold prizes
That chewed away his knowledge,  his flaming brain
Now they swallow his dignity
They've eaten away at his complete being
They are the last of the execution race.


In my slumbers
I feel them lurking
They are not of love
They live vicariously in the pain
We feel claustrophobia
As we rest alone on a cold ground
We can't hide
from the death of love
Nor can we feel the silence that follows
A dancing, lightning bolt ripping from the sky.

Wolfpack Contributor EIC Bios:  David L O’Nan & HilLesha O’Nan

By davidlonan1

David writes poetry, short stories, and writings that'll make you think or laugh, provoking you to examine images in your mind. To submit poetry, photography, art, please send to Twitter: @davidLOnan1 + @feversof Facebook: DavidLONan1


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