More Poems by David L O’Nan ft. Walls, The Price of Love, etc.

A Loose Tear

To lose reality
To kiss lips
To not kiss those lips anymore
To touch eyes
To lose sight
To be ignored
To be forgotten
To feel ashamed
To feel one step towards love
Then the feet
They are cut from the legs
To be in pain
To tap the veins
To kiss away another day
To dream a lie
The nightmare is alive
I just want to feel the wholeness for a change
To touch the hand
To not touch the hand anymore
To have a tear
To still feel

Crumbling Down the Pretty Walls

Laying on the cold spit ground
After the last wail of a pretty crumbled wall
It hit harder than you thought
And you were left with only thought
What thought?
The endless thought
The alone thought
The thought only you can share with yourself
You were the one letting the erosion to split
Little by little she began to crumble
You were still laughing,
still feeling like a fantastic cloudy smile
Blinded when the first rock fell right by your feet
You kicked it to the side and kept walking
For years you just let the dynamite light 
Little by little
the flame was more than a flicker
You finally pushed a little too hard
Bitten by the sore air,
and flat on your face!
Looking as the air becomes dusty and yellow
You touched the wind
My, how it felt like concrete
Broken and cold,
black and alone
The stone that broke over the bones
You have the tear,
the memory, the karma, the debt
Misery loves company
Especially when you are
a crumbling pretty wall.


The thought of kissing you
was interrupted
when the river formed a curious wall
Trying to disappear,
we were helpless
When it pushed us to the streets
hour after hour of resistance
Our chilled bodies,
bones growing old
We swam toward the fires
After every tear,
every downstroke
I looked into your eyes
You were so scared, 
filled with fear
but you wouldn't take my hand
About a minute later you found an exit
In the skin of the moon we rested
I sung you a song that you've never heard
You began to blush,
but soon regretted it.
You climbed off
clutching a star
You said you must get back home
The land is dry there,
I can trust there
I can rest alone
So, I laid back down
Ears hearing those sad songs
you've never heard before
After a while the moon's surface -
became so wooden,
my splintered skin had to leave
I climbed onto the back of a lonesome comet
That brought me home to my lonely midnight fall
When I landed,
I couldn't walk
I just
innocently began to crawl
The ground...
it felt so wet and dirty
It was like boredom and slime
Finally, home I poured myself a cup of coffee, 
my mind was already racing
My mind wouldn't let go of your smile
My heart was being held a prisoner by patience
I laid my stolen head down to think some more
I thought I saw the first hint
of the season's sunshine
So, I walked closer to the window
I began to envision you
as an angel holding me up high
When I got closer,
only past ghosts looking at me
Taunting me with light
So, I transformed back into the gravel and dirt
Never knowing the invention of hills
would soon give birth to mountains.
Looking over my shoulder
The pale ladybug crawling on the curtain -
is shy to the wind.
Breath becoming more intense,
she doesn't even budge
Sort of reminded me of you
And your blind to love eyes
lay stagnant in the winds of the past.


We are all bulls ravaging through the gates...
at the masks.
at the clowns...
all is left is the splinters.
We lost our fury
became deprived,
starved, dehydrated...
left to an animal burrowing you -
into some form of temptation.
Are you gold when you'd rather be silver?
You don't inherit lies,
cohesion of truths
and thoughts balancing on bitter.
We are all bulls.
Some of us don't have the power,
Some of us give up
when challenged by hoods
and bosses that drink up the syrup of secrets.
Skies are stressed and stretched
ready to birth your raindrops.
A day when you can rest your head and become a stone
For a while and less of a manic scramble.

The Price of Love (the Tale of the Lady in Chains)

So, you met him with razor claws - down his neck
A cursing flatter to all your flaws.
And you say you love him
despite the way he peaks
from immaturity to hatred,
and the entrapment of alcohol in his gleam.
You wanted it all,
but all you get was this
a burning hole on this Earth
with a walking man's boots bathed in shit.
He's a dragon,
burning you through the broken bridges
that you have tried to climb.
You talk to your sisters, your mother, and your grandparents
about the love you have found.
He's tossing dice,
snorting junk into his mind.
And he's swimming with loose women,
and he's sour to the core.
He hits the town for whiskey
and comes back the slithering whore.
But he's a muse that you've always wanted.
he can sing a song like Jehovah
from behind the clouds of heaven.
He can run with you in his arms,
from a freezing, flooding town.
Is he the camera flash
that sees your every motion in your facial twitching?
He's the mighty roar that tumbles entrapment
from a brave lion to the cowardice of the witch.
Oh, he's got to pay.
Is he paid?
Or, are you paying his price?
From false love through his sociapathic lie.
And you,
you think you are in love?
You, you are just an ingredient in his blood.
Thick and stuck to his crumbling heart.
When one can't be solidified
it's just dry from eroding,
and dripping oil from it's loose screws.
And that was you, you thought,
thought, you were in love.
He was nothing more
than a slug in the crack of a sidewalk.
Someone yell  - "LET it RAIN!"

The Phantom Walls

Hey phantom walls,
are you a good listener?
Or, are you just evil?
Leaving loneliness trapped in your skin
You move in waves when my mind races
You look bland and unbalanced
when I need you to clutch to
I stand but stumble
holding the dead air
That burns like fires into my nerves
I hear you whispering
like God to my brain
You ignite me with impulses,
to leave me mindless.
you can rest in love with the narcissism
Dreaming of your next entrapment
Hey phantom walls,
I know you mock me
You say you need me as your entertainment
But then I hear you crying
You're cursing the silence
You crush the light,
'til it becomes dark
You pull at my skin,
tricking it to rot
You've murdered my beliefs
That love is eternal
I hold my hand out to you,
to touch you,
and you,
inevitably fall down
Leaving just like the other walls
They are never as strong
as they lead you to believe
Just like a played-out,
rusted old prayer.

Wolfpack Contributor EIC Bios:  David L O’Nan & HilLesha O’Nan

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