2 poems from Samantha Terrell : ‘Regaining Wonderment’ (from an Anthology) & ‘Fighting with Straw Men’

Beach, Water, California, Redwoods, Sand
Regaining Wonderment

I saw a picture - Or,
Was it a dream? -
Of a full-grown Redwood washed up on a beach.
The giant had become

The driftwood of giants,
Tossed about effortlessly
By the ocean, since oceans aren't
Easily intimidated.

Our son repeatedly tells us
He wants to visit the Redwood Forest.
It's ironic how being small amidst large can feel empowering,

Knowing your limits,
Means knowing your place -
The means to rediscover
A sense of wonder.

Perhaps, the tree
Only wanted to feel young again.
But where will
The ocean go, to feel small?

Fighting with Straw Men

Try arguing with
The straw man who's
Making his true case that
Some times are easier than
Others, to pretend
We're not all waiting around to die.

He's right, of course.
Wilting demands we watch
Its predictable end - but
We'd prefer not to look.
Even anonymous funerals are
Harder to attend than weddings.

Now, I'm the straw man -
Making his case for him,
When we were meant to be
Arguing about the
Prettiest floral arrangement
For the venue.

Poetic Trinitas poem (pdf) from Samantha Terrell : Visual Broadcasting

Bio: Samantha Terrell, author of Vision, and Other Things We Hide From (Potter's Grove Press, 2021) is a widely published American poet whose work emphasizes self-awareness as a means to social awareness. Her poetry can be found in many fine publications, and her work has been featured on Sunny G Radio Glasgow, Dublin-based Eat the Storms podcast, and "The Open Collaboration" all-acoustics show (Bristol, U.K.).  She writes from her home in upstate New York, where she lives with her husband and their two sons.


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