Poems from Chloe Gorman from Fevers of the Mind Issue 1 (2019) “The Colour of My Love” “Longing” & “Storm”

The Wolf by Chloe Gorman - Twist in Time Literary Magazine
The Colour of Love

My love is as black as the raven hair
I tangle around my fingers
As black as the lace I wrap myself in
Where thoughts and gazes linger.

As black as the velvet night we're draped in,
Punctured by sparkling starlit shards,
As black as the pupils in whose widening stare,
I am endlessly entranced.

As black as the ink I spill across pages
Of words my voice too shy to speak.
As black as the blindness that takes my sight,
When you are all I can see.

My love is as black and all consuming
As the night that swallows the day.
Are you bold enough to walk in the dark?
Are you brave enough to stay?


Your scent still lingers on me,
My clothes, my skin, my hair.
And every time I catch it,
It feels like you're still there.
Your lips still kiss the teacup
That sits beside my bed,
The ghost of you haunts these rooms,
But lives inside my head.


Let your winds whip around me
And sting my skin,
Let your sea try to drown me
As it beckons me in.
Let your storm clouds consume me,
And make me your wreck,
Let your siren call to me,
As I sink in your depths.

Bio from 2019:
Chloe Gorman is a copywriter, aspiring poet & author. Her poetry and fiction leans towards romantic, dark and gothic themes. She has an MA in Professional Writing from Falmouth University for which she received a distinction.  

The Fevers of the Mind General Promo Interview with Chloe Gorman

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