3 poems by Tim Heerdink: “Algorithm for a Lost Thought” “Old Tricks” “Checkmate”

King, Chess, Checkmate, Board Game

Algorithm for a Lost Thought

Add 1 pinch of existential terror,
multiply it by your short comings.

Find the ex who distorted your brain,
pat the regenerated earth & walk away.

Just playing around;
she's probably walking somewhere
above ground.

Divide yourself too many times
until you get close to that zero.

You can't be everywhere
& nowhere
in the same instance.

So, subtract yourself
from this word problem,
because there's more to life
worth solving.

Old Tricks

Crack open my cranium & lay out my tricks;
be sure to organize them by their strangeness
& find something you can use, too, while you're at it.

Wife & I used to snap shots at couples' nuptials
so later they could look in a book & see
the times in life they used to be happy.

We still find ourselves in makeshift picture capture
positions, lying down for that upside down frown
knowing sixty-percent come to divorce in the end.

I shut off any type of communication with hereafter
after things starting following me back home;
there's no need for that energy around my girls.

All the cleansings attempted in years before
showed seepage slipping deeper within
a space some claim to call a soul.


Concentrate with great diligence
on this battlefield where a great mate
proves its importance.

While pawns & knights go to fight
in the name of you, glorious king,
remember you ain't shit without your queen.

Don't pick a spouse based off appearances
for eventually the need to rub together wears out
& you're left with an earache with no remedy.

Before you take a prospective to bed
offer to wash her car inside & out
you'll be glad that you did.

If she has rotting food & bodily fluids
staining every fiber of fabric within
it's best you lose her number & never speak again.

Bios & more
Tim Heerdink is the author of Somniloquy & Trauma in the Knottseau Well, The Human Remains, Red Flag and Other Poems, Razed Monuments, Checking Tickets on Oumaumua, Sailing the Edge of Time, I Hear a Siren’s Call, Ghost Map, A Cacophony of Birds in the House of Dread, and short stories, The Tithing of Man and HEA-VEN2. His poems appear in various journals and anthologies. He is the President of Midwest Writers Guild of Evansville, Indiana.

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