New Poetry by Hema Saju :Alone on a Moonlit Night & Pandemic

Alone on a Moonlit Night

It rained memories that night
and he looked down from the clear moonlit sky
and smiled at her she felt.
That was where he wished to sit
with her head leaning on his broad shoulder
on all moonlit nights
and gently sway in the cold breeze
sitting on the wooden swing
they bought from the antique store.
They would then sip the love laced
red red wine they both brewed
in the silence of the nights.
In the silence of the night!
She gazed at him
from the swing with longing eyes
now dying and numb
as frozen tears search for
the star that once lit her entire life.


Eating through our entrails,
squeezing out the strength,
as the denizens of a darker world
clad in sordid shades of uncertainty
hang around with a cynical, sardonic smile
to uncouple this body from life,
there appear the perpetrators of a wilder farce
some marching in protest
taking to the streets,
some ignoring,
relegating and dismissing
the lurking danger
awaiting at every doorstep.

Hema resides in India. She is a Ph.D candidate and loves to read and write poems and short stories. She sees stories in every aspect of this beautiful world. Writing is always a pleasure and she weaves words when something touches her soul. Two of her poems have been selected for publication in a collection of Intercontinental Anthology.

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