Poetry: Poetic Imperfection, Dark, No Rain by Abuh Monday Eneojo


I see. I am not the one who

Muzzled in guilt, prides the keen kindred spirited soul.

Put me to death if you can but this voodoo

Eventually will suffice like the clouds and prowl.

Rev quickly this confused con of a core that

Feeds repeatedly for eternity for

Even the lines I pen, I fear are but a weltering boat

Crossing the rickety ridden plane of Adam’s fore.

Tell him! Tell him! That this

Is a product of mans first gift

On an isle that made him ill;

Nothingness filled with meaning.


I never waited for it

Capering, I donned anxiety

Just so I can behold a beautiful zenith.

Though sublimed by the mind

I gaze until it blinks and nudge me a smile.

I am the master of this beautiful zenith;

It makes beautiful ugly things

Look! Even this scraggy scoria of a tree

Which was wrinkled now bask in glory.

Who said darkness was dark?

Who said devil’s own aura is evil?

Come! This light-darkened view on my mental canvass

Will be an icicle that will chill

thy besmoked tower to my ness.


Bring the unfortunate ones, fortune

Under the adder of a serpent

Hallowed in a cave of light hearts;

Anchored with a weightless ship which

Revels howling seas

In spite screams of finless sharks

Abuh Monday Eneojo is a poet, author, trumpeter, Voice over artist and an on air personality at a campus radio in Kogi State, Nigeria. He also is an ardent lover of nature whose work revolves around the nature of things. His first publication, The World Within, was published September, 2018. He also loves the acrostic form of poetry. You can contact him on Facebook @Abuh Monday Eneojo, Twitter@MondayDpoet and LinkedIn@Monday Abuh or via email: abuhmonday@gmail.com


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